Come on Get Happy!

You’ve heard it, you’ve probably even said it. “When I get X then I’ll be able to Y, and THEN I’ll be happy!” But isn’t that a crazy mess? In this rat-chase or dog-eat-dog world, isn’t all we do a chase for happiness that feels like it’s ever-eluding?

And, really, how many times did X really come about and you didn’t really Y? And even if you did, how long did your happiness last? Is it our lot in life to constantly be chasing after happiness as an almost unattainable goal? If it is, it’s probably because we’ve been programmed for it.

Well, I think it’s seriously time to change this thinking. Stop chasing after dreams and start LIVING them instead!

I’m not preaching, though, I want to lead by example. I have to, after all, since I know I’ve often said those exact words. “When I retire, I’ll have all the time I need to work on my books, then I’ll be happy (with the output)!”

Really? How silly a goal is that?! I think that when my life is almost over, then I’ll be happy? How about an attitude change instead? Instead of Have-Do-Be, let’s change that around to Be-Do-Have! In other words, “I AM Happy because I CAN be creative with the time I have (even though it’s not much)”

Works better, doesn’t it? 🙂 And it’s applicable to everything! Stop thinking that you’ll be happy some time in the future. Instead, remind yourself that you’re actually capable of being happy NOW. You know what will happen? You’ll actually find yourself BEING happy on a much more regular basis!

The Power of Positive Thinking? You bet. The power to create the kind of life you want/ deserve? You bet. Just keep in mind that everything around you is a reflection of what’s inside you. If you’re happy and full of love inside, the world around you will change to be the same.

I AM Happy because I enjoy the time I spend with my kids (whatever amount that is)
I AM Happy because I enjoy every interaction I have with my wife
I AM Happy because I make enough money to keep a roof over my head
I AM Happy because I have an outlet for my creativity
I AM Happy because I have a job that allows me to make an impact on People’s lives
I AM Happy because the words I say/write are heard/ read and appreciated by others
I AM Happy for so many reasons! SO Many that it’s just a waste of energy to stay angry/ upset/ sad, etc on negative things.

Is Life Wonderful? Absolutely. 🙂

Think of the treasures you have and hold them tight to your heart. Small or Large, they exist, they are real, they have an impact. Think about it. And make it a reality.

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