March Break Roundup

I was shocked to realize today… that tomorrow is Thursday. The days are such a blur that I kicked myself to put down what’s been going on, just so I wouldn’t forget! So, here’s the roundup!

Fri Feb 26th, I picked up Melyssa who was staying with us as she does every year.

Sat Feb 27th, we all went to an Italian Piazza in Pte. Claire to celebrate Chantale’s birthday! My sweetheart is now 30 years young 🙂

Sun Feb 28th, outside of continuing to celebrate Chantale, we went to my in-laws for the big Olympic hockey showdown and then watched the wrap-up ceremonies at home

Mon Mar 1st, Dental checkup for Melyssa (I have to remember to call for a follow-up in April to get a few more sealants done!)

Tues Mar 2nd, is just a blur

Wed Mar 3rd, the family drove off to Ottawa to celebrate Melyssa’s 13th birthday! I seem to get her a book for every birthday (which she reads on the drive) and this year it was SMILE by Raina Telgemeier. The Science and Technology museum was a blast but as we got there later than every year – it was already overcrowded with a lot of other munchkins 🙂 Afterwards, Pizza Party and Pizza Hut! 🙂 At night, Casey went to her Vet for a follow-up acupuncture treatment. She reacts like she’s 100%

Thur Mar 4th, feels like another blur right now. However, I had a surprise for that night as I took Kyle to see his first movie in a theatre! Chantale and Melyssa came along as well (continued bday gifts 😉 ). The movie in question? How To Train Your Dragon in 3D! I thought I had 4 passes but it turned out to be 4 double passes! Yikes! And I couldn’t find anyone at the last minute to come with us. Still, it was an awesome movie and it was great seeing Johane Matte’s name up on the screen as the credits rolled 🙂 Yay Johane!

Fri Mar 5th, haircut time for Kyle and I! Again, the rest of the day was a blur.

Sat Mar 6th, We put the finishing electrical touches in the basement by completing the installation of the new outlets. I’m going to try to get some plastering done before my father-in-law gets back from vacation and we work on finishing the ceiling.

Sun Mar 7th, as part of the continued birthday celebrations, my mother-in-law took Melyssa, Chantale, Charlize, and Kyle to see Disney Princess on Ice – the first time for any of them. They all came back excited and enchanted 🙂 It was great 🙂 I stayed home and tried to rest/ read/ write. That night, I brought Melyssa back since school started again the next day.

Mon Mar 8th, vacation day. I didn’t realize until Friday afternoon that I had scheduled a day of vacation and decided I needed it. So, after the kids were at daycare and Chantale was at work, I stayed off-line and just took the time to… breathe. And watch X-Files, of course 🙂

*phew*. I think it was the busiest March Break we’ve gone through!! 🙂

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