Flash Fiction: Flurries Stakeout

[Flash Fiction: Flurries Stakeout – December 14, 2015]

It wasn’t the first stakeout Kyle had been on, nor would it be his last.

From the day he finally solved the “Case of the Chocolate Chip Thief” he knew that nothing was impossible for him. No secret dark enough that he couldn’t shed light on. No sneak clever enough to elude him. He would find them all, catch them all. Just like in his favorite tv show.

He tugged at his jacket once again and pulled out his favorite pair of binoculars. They were the most unusual he had ever seen and he had fallen in love with them as soon as he spotted them at the flea market. He giggled to himself as held them, whispering “my precious…”  During numerous adventures, he had imagined being able to see underwater because of the cockleshells-encrusted design covering them.

The flickering of lights turned his attention back to his current case. Looking through the binoculars he slowly scanned the surrounding sky, trying to confirm any movement among the stars. This holiday, he would learn the truth. And not just because Billy had hired him to do so, but because it needed to be done!  Kyle felt it was time for everyone to learn the truth of what really happens at midnight.

He padded down his sleeping blanket and settled in. Hiding under the giant evergreen on his front lawn was genius, he thought to himself. With the flattened space underneath the branches and the small drift of snow, he was practically invisible! He felt like a bear in his personal little cave.  Now, all he had to do was wait…

And wait…

…And wait…


Sleep overtook him.  The cozy, natural tent he was lying under, the soft rustle of the fluttering snow through the branches of the tree, and the peacefulness of the neighborhood, all contributed to wrapping him up in a wonderful sense of warmth and comfort. With a smile on his face, Kyle dozed peacefully, and deeply.

He did not wake when boots crunched through the snow and made their way to him. Nor did he stir when the branches were parted and some trapped snow fell on him. He dreamt that he was being drawn on a magical sleigh as he was slowly lifted and carried back into his home. His sleeping mind was certain he smelled peppermint when he turned to snuggle his blanket and pillow in his own bed, but it wasn’t enough to wake him.  If he had, he would have heard a cheerful voice softly wishing, “…and to all, a good night…” as the door to his room was closed.

 [Story (c) Mike Aragona]

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