Just Happy

Even though it’s Monday and I’m battling another migraine, I have to admit to being in a very good mood 🙂 I had a really nice weekend which is the main reason for the smile on my face.

Friday after supper, I decided to give Kyle and Charlize a little treat of a small scoop of ice cream: mint chocolate chip 🙂 Kyle’s comment after tasting it? “Mmm!! Daddy, this toothpaste ice cream is good!” LOL! 🙂

That evening and the next morning we watched a few movies all snuggled together. It might be bizarre to admit this, but I actually really like Enchanted. It’s such a happy feel-good movie with rounds of kookiness that just tickles my funny bone. And there’s nothing like getting up in the middle of the living room and dancing like fools with the kids just like happens at the end of the movie 🙂

Chantale had a rough time getting back from Frankfurt on Saturday and hit a lot of turbulence (to add to the insults of extra tight security and customs) but, finally, by 6pm, we were all reunited again and enjoying a nice supper 🙂

On Sunday, after an easy morning, we got ready and headed out to watch Kyle at his very first soccer practice. He was SO into it, much more than we could have thought! It took him a bit of time to understand the basics that the coach was giving out, but when he did he took to it really well. And during the last sprint -which included all the kids playing together trying to score on the other “team”- he was the only kid who naturally assumed the goaltender position to protect the net! What initiative! 🙂

Another really cool thing to see was how fast he was. He’s been saying for so long now that he can “run really fast, like the flash” as proof that he’s growing up. But seeing him during that final sprint where he would stay back and then sprint past all of them to head for the ball in the front of the pack. Over and over again. He looked like Dash from The Incredibles! It was great! Charlize, Chantale, and I sat by the wall and cheered him on :). After every play, Charlize would ask if it were her turn to go on! 🙂

He did take it a little bad that his “team” only scored 1 goal to the other’s 2, but we explained that it didn’t matter, it was all for fun, it happened before he had taken it upon himself to protect the net, and that his group had already gathered the most balls during the previous rounds 🙂

After the practice, we had some shopping to do and on the rounds we picked up another soccer ball for him. He spent the rest of the afternoon kicking it around without any prompting on our part 🙂

Really, it was a great day. It even ended with me and Kyle playing with the Super Powers action figures he kept asking for. (“Please, Daddy. Can I play with them? I really need Red Tornado and Green Lantern!”) Lol! 🙂 I even caught my wife spying on us while we played in his room. Nice father-son bonding time 🙂

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