Running after time…

Ah, the crazy cycle of chasing after time. You’d think we’d have it all figured out by now… but, no. I wanted to post a little something recently. But, I blinked, and now it’s friday. C’est la vie.

Life has just been full. Way full with too much to do. Taking care of the family, dealing with my lawyer to ensure I can exercise my rights, getting ready for the Holidays, keeping the creative flames going, and always work, work, work. I accept that we can’t do everything we want, so it’s a matter of priority. What’s really important to me/ life vs what would be “nice”.

Last weekend was filled with my in-laws moving to their new house and the kid’s Xmas party. Melyssa enjoyed herself as much as I had hoped she would have and was involved in a number of activities that day (face painting, jewelry making, supervising the blow-up rides, etc). I’m glad she had as much fun as she did and agreed to do it again next year. She was well taken care of by the events manager and even got a gift of thanks :). That weekend we also got to watch a Father-Daughter movie (just the two of us while Chantale was helping her parents move in). I can definitely say that the Hannah Montana movie has better acting than TeaLight 😉

Strange coincidence that Monday morning all four of us woke up feeling various stages of ill. I had a sore throat, Kyle a runny nose, Charlize coughing, and Chantale sinus headache. On Tuesday night, we decided to go watch The Olympic Torch as it was making its way through our neighborhood. I picked everyone up and we headed out to get a quick bite before making our way there (it was for 6pm). We were all excited, except that while we were eating, Chantale and I both started getting really worried with Charlize’s cough. It wasn’t a “cold” cough. It was sounding very much like an Asthma cough. Kyle was about that same age when he had his first attack so we checked on it but within 20 minutes we knew we couldn’t wait any longer. She was wheezing and unable to catch her breath.

We went home (Kyle was very sad that we couldn’t go see the Flame but he perked up a bit as it was being shown on the news) and got her changed. We knew we had to do something so we gave her a dose of Kyle’s pump and after dropping him off at the in-laws, Chantale and I drove to the hospital. 3+ hours later we were given an all-clear. The Doc could see that she was having trouble breathing, but there was nothing causing it (no longer wheezing, xrays clear, etc) so it was felt that our giving her the pump helped. One funny moment came after we left triage to wait in the general area. We waited quite a while before being seen and then again after we were called in. But, after we were sent for xrays, we were called back almost immediately. The Doc comes to us and goes, “You didn’t tell me she had heart surgery!” Chantale says, “we didn’t see that as being relevant to her coughing”. Basically, she was just taken aback when the xrays came back and she saw the metal tie clips that are still wrapped around her ribs from the original surgery 🙂

Anyhow, the rest of the night went well and Wednesday morning we woke up to the news of a big storm coming. The kids and I had a very early haircut scheduled and afterwards, I left to go to another appointment (had to drop the car off for maintenace and winter tires!). The roads were so horrible I could not make it. I was sliding way too much on the highway and it just got too close for comfort. So, I turned around and went to the dealership closer to home. What a harrowing experience. Funny thing was that a similar thing happened last year except that time the storm hit while I was on my way home. Took me 6 hours to get home that night which meant we were almost 4 hours late in picking up the kids from daycare! That was the moment I decided to get Blackberries for Chantale and I. A decision I definitely don’t regret.

With all that going on, you’d think we’d try to take it easy this weekend? Nope. Planning on painting the kitchen on Saturday and getting a Christmas tree in the afternoon!! Sunday will probably be spent driving around in the morning and more work in the afternoon. So, basically, when Monday comes around, we’ll be spent once more. LOL! 🙂

Of course, all this summarizing doesn’t do justice to the amount of things we actually did/ had to go through, but I just had to write down SOME of it for posterity!! 🙂

Edited to add: and I totally forgot the fact that Chantale and I also took the moment to go get our H1N1 shots on Wednesday!! My arm still hurts but it’s not as bad as Chantale who actually suffered some flu symptoms (aches, pains, fever) yesterday. I think we’re very much looking forward to relaxing at the holidays… 🙂

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