Running Just As Fast As I Can…

As is the feeling at the end of every year! 🙂 Wow, I’ve been trying to get online here to post in what feels like ages! True, every now and again there have been private posts made here but that’s due to matters of a private nature 🙂 Can’t let the entire world know what’s going on in all aspects of my life – even though I can be coerced to share in some cases. Chocolate and Coffee does wonders 🙂

With all this running around lately, I have no full clue as to what I wanted to blog about! We got our tree up last weekend – finishing with the decorations and everything at 830pm on Sunday night! That’s the latest we ever put up a tree! Afterwards, I tossed the kids in the bath and when they were sparkling clean, they went downstairs to write letters to Santa. Kyle, being the sensitive little boy he continues to be, actually asked Santa to also bring Charlize a “dolly and carriage” in his letter :). He’s just such a sweet child. The previous Friday, as Chantale was getting him and Charlize ready to go to their guardian, he saw the little gift we had for her and he immediately ran to his very precious Hot Wheels and picked out a few telling Chantale how he had to also give her one of his cars as well as her 2 daughters because he “loves them so much!” and because he wanted “Santa to see that I share” 🙂 She was leaving on vacation for 2 weeks and he was going to miss them so much he wanted them to have a reminder. Blown away I was. Truly.

So, let’s see, what’s else has been going on? Well, outside of some health-related issues in the family (bad reactions to the H1N flu shot, for example), everything has been great. Chantale was off this week and is also off next week so the kids are home with her. Melyssa came over last Sunday and goes back the night of the 28th. We just love having her around. It sure brings a different energy/ dynamic to the household. It actually “fills” up the house 🙂

So, today is Xmas Eve and I’m at work. I hope everyone “out there” has themselves a wonderful (and safe!) holiday! We’re spending the evening at my in-laws and tomorrow is supposed to be very much a lazy day. Probably filled with staying-in-PJs, watching movies, listening to music, and just lounging around 🙂 At least until the evening when we’re having friends come over. I know it’s all going to pass in a blur and before I know it, it’ll be the 29th and I’ll be back in the office. But, still, I also know I’m going to really enjoy it and drink in all the happy ambiance 🙂

On the creative side, I’ve got a lot of stuff to complete and send off in January. 2010 has definitely got to be the year I settle things into a more structured routine (even if for a few months) which will allow me a bit more time to devote to these projects. They’re exciting to work on and give me a huge sense of accomplishment. The book plan is a re-issue of one and release of a new one plus the completion of a third. It’s all do-able, of course, when time’s not an enemy 🙂

Okay, that’s it, that’s all! I’ll probably be online one more time next week but until then, I wish you all the happiest of holidays! Where there’s breath, there’s life. And where there’s Life, there’s Hope. And where there’s hope, there’s a Better Tomorrow waiting!


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