Things I’ll Miss.

Sometimes, when you’re living through things, you’re just trying to get by. It’s only after the fact when you realize, “hey, that’s definitely one for the books!”. That’s what this post is to remind me of. 2 very important memories for me. Good ones, not the ones that have been causing me grief.

1- Kyle’s loving reassurance. As many might remember, Kyle has had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and coming to my bed for a “hug and a kiss”. He has done this up to 4 times a night on occasion. As sweet as it was, it also (obviously) interrupted my sleep schedule as I would scoop him up and bring him back to his bed. It was/is a sweet thing. Just a little boy wanting reassurance that Daddy’s there and still loves him 🙂

In the last few months, this has changed/ evolved in that he no longer gets up that often or that regularly. Nowadays, he’ll come to the bed to get his hug and kiss (always snuggling his puppy and blankie, of course) but will then go back to his bed on his own. 🙂 When he does this (perhaps 3 times a week) it’ll only be once, not multiple times.

Even more recently, there has been another modification to this behaviour. As I get up before 5:30am, I’m usually preparing to leave/ warm up the car/ etc by 6am. At around that time, I’ll usually be in the kitchen pouring my coffee, and I’ll hear footsteps on the stairs. Lo and behold, Kyle will walk into the kitchen for a hug and kiss and I’ll walk him back to the stairs, telling him I love him and to go snuggle back to bed 🙂

Wonderful moments, truly. 🙂

2- Charlize’s camping out. Now, as much as Charlize has gotten into the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, she won’t come into the bedroom. Instead, she sits right outside the bedroom door, against the wall that connects to Kyle’s bedroom. She’ll sit there, in the dark except for the nightlight in the hallway, and wait. Although she makes no real noise (sometimes shuffling) I’ll become aware of her and wake up. I walk out of the bedroom, pick her up, and carry her back to bed to cover her up and have her snuggle with her blankets/ stuffed animals.


Nightime, a time for sleep?? Not so much. But a time for Daddy to slay dragons and protect the castle? Definitely 🙂

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