Acupuncture for Dogs

Casey had been acting extremely lethargic ever since the weekend.  Absolutely no appetite, sleeping most of the time, just no energy to do anything.  I could get her to come to me for a quick hello (which everyone else had trouble doing) but she would quickly turn around and go back to her bed.

We couldn’t figure out what it was so after going through a long period of the shakes yesterday morning, we managed to get an emergency visit with her vet in the afternoon.  Casey did get an energy boost from being at DMV and smelling all the animals there, but when we did get to meet with the vet, she could not really give a full diagnosis outside of Casey being slightly dehydrated and having a sensitive back.

Some may not remember, but Casey had a herniated disk three years ago and we managed to heal her by using Acupuncture instead of a $5,000 very-risky-and-not-guaranteed surgery.  I thought I had written about all this but the only two instances I found of this period was in these two posts:

I had ended that last post with the note that we were going to see a vet but never followed up with what happened.  Basically, after we considered all our options, we went forward with Acupuncture as a treatment plan and she responded extremely well to it!  In fact, after a couple of weeks, she was pretty much “completely” healed.  Acupuncture suddenly seemed like magic to me 🙂

Anyhow, we did give her another treatment yesterday and we saw an immediate change in her.  It is always funny to see how she pretty much “melts” into my arms as I keep her from doing whatever she can to remove the needles, though 🙂  Before we left, we also gave her a kind of re-hydration treatment (electrolytes injected just under her skin which got absorbed by her body during the evening).  Her appetite also improved so now we’re just going to keep an eye on her and check back in a week.

All this to say that considering what we went through 3 years ago, it’s wonderful (looking back now) that we were able to get all this time together and that this form of medicine has had a lot to do with it! 🙂


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