Family Update 2 – Casey

To follow up (finally) on the post from October 12th, Casey responded to the medication REALLY well. We’ve done a heck of a lot of research on dogs and herniated discs and what can be done to treat them (outside of surgery). The one point that came up was Acupuncture.

Although I was initially worried as to the timeline of all this, it was heartening to see Casey slowly “returning to normal” after a few days. I know the pills were helping with the pain but I could also see the swelling start to go down, too. Before 10 days were done, she was almost back to her old self.

I did know from the reading that we were supposed to keep her completely bed-ridden for an entire month, but she only let us carry her outside for her business for that long. After that, we would open her cage door and she would rush outside. Of course,the fear that since she wasn’t feeling pain she could have been doing damage always came up but we had to deal with it.

We started to let her out at night (when the kids were in bed) because she would simply join us in the living room and sleep on her pillow. She’s a very social dog, what can you do?

This past weekend, we had to keep fighting to keep her from jumping up on us or anything! Literally, she acted like she had no injuries. Of course, the last of one pills were taken yesterday and she only has 2 half pills left to take. One on Wednesday, one on Friday. Luckily for us we have an appointment with the Vet/Acupuncturist on Wednesday at 430pm. She actually cleared her schedule for us so the 30 minutes we were originally given has been stretched to 60.

I’ll post another update after that!

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