Rough night for puppy

One of the things we had been looking forward to this weekend was that outside of the Eurocup final on Sunday, there was nothing planned but lazing around and relaxing. This morning was supposed to stretch as long as possible in “lounge” mode, as a start.  Well, that’s not at all how it was.

Last night, while Chantale and I were watching Smallville season 7, Casey suddenly got up from her bed and was sick.  Chantale got her outside while I cleaned up the mess and when they came back in, we were a little concerned but hoped she would be okay. After all, she had eaten and seemed to be in good spirits.

Before long we were all asleep and then at 5am, Chantale and I jump out of bed when we hear Casey vomiting. Again, she takes her outside while I start cleaning when we find that sometime in the previous 4 hours, Casey had the runs downstairs!

Lots and lots of cleaning and disinfecting later, the pooch had been sick over and over, even with blood in her liquid stools. What a morning. Chantale investigated Casey’s medication and found tons of online postings of the large number of dogs this stuff has apparently eaten up. Metacam? Wow. Pain medication that can kill you.

We spent the morning keeping an eye on her while Chantale cooked various meals like ground beef and rice hoping the dog would stop being sick. The food has been staying in and Casey looks better (I gauge that by her tail wagging) so we’re trying to make her rest. We left a message with her Vet but haven’t heard back yet.

We’re just hoping nothing is seriously wrong internally…



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