Time to grow…

Today, we head out to register Kyle for Kindergarten.

I have to let that sentence “stand” on its own because it’s got such an impact I need to be able to look upon it without anything else around it.

My little boy, who’s been giving us nothing but feelings of pride and happiness as he’s gotten bigger and bigger over the years… is now big enough for school. And thus, it is with both heavy heart AND pride that we take this step and sign him up. Yes, there are still a number of months for the “reality” of it all to sink in, but come September, my little tyke will enter the school system.

Although he’s enrolled in an english school, it is an immersion program. That means he’ll be immersed 100% in french for the first 3 grades after which it switches to 50%. Of course, with school comes all the activities, field trips, fund raisers, etc, that come with it. And, knowing myself, I’ll probably get involved in the Parents Council like I did back with James and Melyssa.

The change in routine isn’t going to be too big as the school is only a few blocks from our current daycare. This means that the mornings will be: daycare to drop off Charlize (who I’m certain will growth-spurt herself the next few years), and then drop off Kyle. The evenings will be reversed with picking up Kyle from school, and Charlize from daycare. Who will do what in terms of scheduling will depend at the time 🙂

Sooo… my statement of 2010 being a year of change is certainly going to prove true!

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