Feeling Edgy

As you can imagine, there was a lot of headspace activity going on during the posting of yesterday’s message. It didn’t just end once I clicked the “post” button. It was still very much on my mind this morning.

I started working on an activity to put semblance of order to these various feelings and took a first step that will result in one of two things. Either a stabilization of the current situation, or a “reset” of sorts that could provide the respite I need.

It’s just about the end of the first month in the new year and already so much has happened that it’s been impossible to keep up on. With work, kids, renovations, family issues, legal issues, promotions, growth, etc etc…

I keep wondering when the “rest” period will start…

(ps- i know i’m being vague all over the place, but that’s for both your protection and mine 🙂 )

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