What to say… what to say…

You know that “brain going all over the place” feeling? Yeah, that’s me. Or should I say that’s still me. 🙂 A couple of folks I’ve spoken with recently made comments in regards to my “calm” at life while the world bubbles madly around me. I just laugh and shrug, mainly because regardless of all that life throws my way or that I throw myself into by choice, it has *nothing* on the stress of going through a life reconstruction. In other words, considering what I went through during the tail end of 98 and most of 99, there isn’t anything that’s come remotely close to it. Yes, I definitely do know of things which *could* be worse, but so far (knock wood) it’s not a reality I have to contemplate.

So, when I get an email from my buddy Mark Shainblum stating: “So let me get this straight. You’re…
A) Expecting a baby any second, perhaps one of the most stressful things anyone can ever go through
B) Renovating your house, perhaps the second or third most stressful thing anyone can go through
C) Producing an APA
D) Writing your own, massive section of said APA
E) Working a fulltime job (leading a team of 8 developers)
You’re a mutant, and your mutant power is the ability to turn stress into chicken soup. It’s the only explanation.”

I can only laugh and laugh and laugh 🙂 Especially when Chantale chimes in with: “AND a FULL TIME Father!”

Baby Due? June 19th. Apa Deadline? June 20th. My target mailing date? June 23rd. How will all this change when the baby arrives? Stay toooooned! 🙂

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