you know those sayings of “sleep now while you can, because when the baby comes, you’ll never sleep again”?

yeah, right.

who’s been sleeping nights? definitely no one here! it’s almost like our bodies are saying, “hey, you’ll have to go through many sleepless nights soon, so you may as well get started!”


got to bed a little after 10pm last night, after about 90 minutes of Chantale getting contractions every 25 minutes. by midnight, she was in a lot of pain, especially her back.

by 3am, we had to get up. way too much pain. in fact, after timing contractions every 10 minutes, we started getting our stuff ready to head to the hospital. just before being ready to go, we called First Contact and talked to admissions. she had us try a few things (like a warm bath) and although the pain eased a little, contractions had gone from every 10 minutes to every 7 minutes. since she couldn’t lay in bed, we went downstairs and tried the couch (based on how the pain eased from the position she was able to sit in the tub – we wanted to try that on the couch). by this time, 5am was rolling around and i fell asleep about 15 minutes later. Chantale fell asleep at around 530am so obviously the pain subsided.

right now, Kyle is at daycare and we’re trying to have a bite to eat while shaking off the zombie-eyes/ body. no contractions for 2 hours, but now that we’re awake, they’ll more than likely start up again.

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