Starving for Info

So. This weekend was the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon, of which The Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards were handed out (on Saturday night) for works appearing in 2006. This was the first year I could not attend and, as part of the Nominating Council, I wish I could have found a way… c’est la vie (and LIFE is exactly why I couldn’t make it, as all of you know 🙂 )

At any rate, here I am two days into the following week and am just starving for information on how the convention went! Sure, I know the results (and pretty much expected Darwyn Cooke’s reactions 🙂 ). I enjoyed the personal accounts from Cecil Castelluci, Tara Tallan, Raina Telgemeir, but it’s not enough! Stuart Immonnen’s photos are nice, but not enough of a feel (yet). Jaime Colville, I can’t wait until July 1st to read your report! I won’t care by then!! 🙂


I feel a little lost…

Back to searching.

Edit to add: Just found a quick recap (with a picture of the shy Cooke) on JPKComics blog at talking about our boy’s JSA Hat Trick 😉

And hey, how come I hadn’t thought to look for Blake Bell online? Duh. Here’s his blog with some reporting on the convention:

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