Another quick one…

A few things to say…

First off, had a hell of a fun time reading (finally!) all those Paradise Comics/ Shuster Awards reviews! Thanks to Bryan Munn for pointing out “Sequential // Canadian Comix News & Culture” ( and especially their Paradise Con reports. Also thanks to for pointing out her own review (beware, photo heavy!)

The spiltink summary of links led me to a ton of photos and other long reviews from both fans and pros. As I know there are many other Canadian fans/pros here, I’ve created an LJ feed for it. You can add it to your reading list via: .

And speaking of feeds, another friend, Janet Hetherington, has finally gone the blog route as well 🙂 Again, as she’s on blogspot, I created an LJ feed for her here. You can add it to your reading list via:

Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment, folks! 🙂

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