Short Post

Just a quick pop-in note to state that I had a really nice weekend 🙂

Saturday, I put the finishing touches on the baby room and it felt REALLY good to do so 🙂 (On Sunday morning, we quickly ran through Ikea as well to get some hooks and ended up coming back with a print as well, and both were put up and greatly enhanced the room, too! There are pictures ready to be uploaded which I suspect Chantale will do later today. I’ll post a link when they’re ready 🙂 )

Sunday, Father’s Day, was very nice, too 🙂 No baby, though, which was almost expected 🙂 Heck, my initial guess was today but that doesn’t seem to be happening either. Baby seems very comfortable where she is. We’ll see what the Doc says tomorrow.

Chantale, Kyle, and I headed out to pick up James and Melyssa yesterday morning (and you should have seen that happy look/ grin/ shriek that came out of Kyle when he saw them and they hopped into the car 🙂 He definitely loves his older siblings 🙂 ). On our way home, we stopped off at IGA to grab some very good munchies and proceeded to have ourselves a very wonderful brunch 🙂 Later, while Kyle napped and Chantale rested, James and I read comics in the kitchen 🙂 Melyssa, obviously totally enamored of her new room, read there after she had gone biking for a bit.

At 3pm, Chantale’s parents and sister came over just as Kyle was waking from his nap. The next couple of hours were spent chatting, relaxing, having pie and ice cream, and watching Donald Duck 🙂 (Kyle’s latest film of fancy is: The Three Caballeros 🙂 ) A quick bath after supper and we piled into the car to drive James and Melyssa back.

The rest of the evening passed rather quickly and before I knew it midnight was getting closer and closer and I had to force myself off the computer. With Comicopia’s deadline this week, I was getting the editorials put together and prepping the material I’ve received to date. Actually, that just reminded me that I have to go get the back cover printed up! Whoops! 🙂

Looking at the next couple of weeks has gotten me a little starry-eyed. A new baby, 5 weeks of Paternity Leave, summer visitation with J&M, a visit up north for some blueberry picking, Chantale and my 4th Wedding Anniversary, etc, etc… SO much to look forward to!! 🙂

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