Weird… or Wired?

What’s weird is that I realize I’ve been absent from not only LJ but the Net itself for a while. I’m not entirely sure why that’s been the case, but a lot of it has to do with just having too much to do. Heck, I only just recently realized that deadline for Comicopia 100 is LESS than a month away! (For those of you on LJ whom I’ve emailed, can you confirm if you received it? Also, if you have the email addresses for others ex-members, could you be so kind as to forward it to them? It would be nice to hear from as many as possible…).

By the way… the cover is gorgeous 🙂 You’ll see it soon enough 🙂

What else? Work has been insane/ intense. Seriously. Wow but this week has been heavy. Next week should be calm enough (mainly because we’ll be kicking off this major project we’ve been scoping this week, implementing/ closing another, and keeping a third on the road) so I’ll be able to tackle some of those medium-priority items (trust me, there are a LOT of those, too!)

Home? Renovations have been moving slowly recently. Did pick up 8 gallons of paint on Monday so we’re prepared for a lot 🙂 I’ve finished sanding the new room’s closet and so the primer can go on there while I start the first coat of finish on the room itself. Still have some work to do on the windowsill but got a nice idea on to go about it.

S.E.P. had another contract to complete for today which I managed to finish last night. After finally getting my hand on the corrected cheque, I was able to cash it yesterday as well. Felt nice to not see a negative bank balance.

I went to Quebecor to pick up the posters and postcards for The Joe Shuster Awards to be shipped to retailers. I’ve started the manual process of packaging the postcards and posters along with a letter to retailers, into envelopes with a JSA return label. These will be sealed and boxed to return to Quebecor on Sunday so that Diamond can pick them up on April 4th and have them in Canadian Comic Shops on April 11th – Giving everyone One Month notice until the end of on-line voting.

That’s basically the next thing I’ll be doing after which I can re-concentrate on the renovations. Until/ Unless another contract comes up… 😉 However, I still have much left to do for Comicopia, too…. eeeeep.

Gotta run again…

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