Okay, what the vf**?

I’m so antsy, nervous, angry, and edgy today that I feel like I’m waiting for a building to fall or something.


I’m edgy… really edgy. To the point where I almost feel a need to hit something… break something… and I don’t know why! I actually had a really nice morning and even got to spend some nice time and wonderful moments with Chantale and Kyle at breakfast!

And yet, I’m here at my desk, and I’m stewing. And for once, there’s nothing that’s happened here to cause that!!

Maybe I’m still partially upset at the fact that my client admitted yesterday that the cheque he told me he had mailed out on the 15th was still in his basket yesterday! Maybe I’m a little aggravated at the wireless setup I have at home being wonky for the last week. Maybe I’m a little grumpy from the stupid dreams I’ve been having for the last two weeks. Or maybe it’s all related together. Everything and Nothing.

Either way…. ARGH.

*deep breath*

Let’s see if coffee helps…

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