Buon Compleano!

Hey! In all this mad dashing about and projects coming out the yinyang, I almost forgot to call my mother today to wish her a happy birthday!

Funny/ true story some of you may have already heard before.

Growing up, we always celebrated my mom’s birthday on April 1st. It’s the date on her registration/ birth papers. Well, it turns out that my grandfather was a bit of a joker and that my mom was actually born on March 29th. However, seeing as back in those days you had to go to another village to record the birth and it took him a bit of time to do so, he decided to put down April 1st as the date of birth since that was the day he was registering her 🙂

heh heh. I have fond memories of my mother’s father, even though I only ever recall seeing him twice. Once when he came here, once when I went to Italy. He’s still often in my thoughts, though, just laughing away with us whenever we’re enjoying a joyous moment. My Grandfather, the Jester 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mama!

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