Baseball Talk

Yeah, I know I’m not usually one for baseball talk (especially with Montreal losing The Expos a while back) but in replying to TEM (The Evil Moggy – and you know you’re evil because of what you did to me with that 3DayNovel thing!) she made me realize something I thought funny.

James is now in Pee Wee B and his team name is the Phillies. Well, it turns out that my couin Sal Fasano is ALSO now playing for the Phillies – The Philadelphia Phillies 🙂 I was telling Moggy about how for a brief moment in time (those of you who’ve been reading me may remember) that he was supposed to play for the Ottawa Lynx. In checking up on him today, I found stuff that really made me laugh. First off, this is the face I’m used to seeing: from the Baseball Almanac. But then, I find out about Sal’s Pals and laughed my head off. A Fu Manchu? Oh boy… 🙂

So, I thought I’d share the links with you 🙂

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