End of an Era

Well, we finally took the plunge last night. We’re moving off of dial-up to something much faster. We don’t really need High Speed at home right now, but the 48k dial-up was just getting in the way of efficiency. Thus, we’ll be jumping to 600k and at the same time we’re killing our Bell line (and L.D. plan with Rogers) to go with Videotron’s IP Telephony.

Yes, the evil Borg of Videotron have once again managed to suck me in as clients. I hated their service and jumped to LOOK TV as soon as it became available in my area something like 10 years ago. I promised I’d never go back. In a way, I haven’t, because I’m not getting their cable or satellite service. Heck, we’re quite happy with our regular TV and Rabbit Ears. We catch what we need and that’s more than good enough.

But, lo and behold, one unfortunate event in this move is that I will be cancelling my service with ColbaNet. These guys were always great and it’s a testament to this little company that could that they managed to last all these years and have continued to grow. Had they been able to provide as affordable a package as I’m getting with VT, I would have stayed with them. So now, after… what? 10 years? more? My dear aragona at colba net account will soon be history… as will Chantale’s account that I created for her back in 98/99. Wow. Who could believe you could get nostalgic for an email account?

At any rate, now comes the almost-impossible-to-complete task of letting everyone know about the address change. They will, of course, now be savageland accounts. After all, regardless of what service providers we move to in the future, I will continue to own and operate Savage Enterprises and Savage Enterprises Publishing and thus that domain is assured 🙂

To quote one of my very earliest S.E. sigs: “Stay Cool… it’s a Jungle out there”

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