Evil Moggy

After my last post, I realized I should perhaps clarify my point as to: Why Moggy Is Evil. After all, I wouldn’t want anyone to take offense or wonder why I should be slandering someone on LJ. Because, of course, I’m not slandering Moggy. She knows she’s evil 🙂 (almost a la Dr. Evil)

Moggy is part of the Daring Duo of , of Von Allan Studioes. Comicopia members will obviously recognize the name in part due to the 10 page preview of Von’s upcoming Graphic Novel: The Road To God Knows…

Now, the reason for Moggy’s evilness rests on one thing only (at least from me! from what I’ve read of her exploits… well… ;)). In a recent post, she spoke about The 3-Day Novel Challenge. Huh? Yeah. Forget taking a month to write a novel (of course I’m talking about NaNoWriMo. No, go ahead and write one in 3 days – mainly, Labor Day Weekend. Not only that, but it’s a true “contest/ marathon” in the sense that you pay an entrance fee, and at the end, you send in your printed “book” -warts and all 🙂

I like that approach for two reasons. One, if you’re going to dish out $50, it means that you’re really more motivated to do it than to drop out after a couple of days or weeks. Two, the fact that a “real” person will then be reading the book means that what you’re attempting to accomplish is not just a babble-fest, but something a lot more legible and worthwhile than not. Is it possible? Of course it is. Those of you who know me or have read about it, my first time at bat with NaNo, I completed two novels of 50k+ words in the 30 days – and it was not all crap. Of course, because of that record, I was shocked into realizing what I could accomplish once I truly set a goal for myself.

As I said to Chantale this week – I may not be an athletic enough guy to attempt any kind of Extreme Sport Competition, but an Extreme Writing one? Hello!

So, basically, ever since Moggy’s post, I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head, and wondering how I can disappear for three days and attempt to write a novel with no clear “ending” (NaNo is set for 50k+, 3Day doesn’t have a word limit). And that’s what makes Moggy evil. Because her innocent mentioning of this contest has suddenly wrapped itself around my brain and is making everything else cloudy….

Darn you, Evil Moggy.


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