Lost & Found

While cleaning up some random papers last night, I came across an old binder I knew I had but had pretty much forgotten about. Back in the days when I Guested at a lot of conventions, I would always carry this thing around and thus had it filled with notes, story ideas, partial stories, pieces of stories, and some finished scripts of which I intended to continue storylines. I obviously had a lot of paper in there along with photographs, pens, business cards, etc. Of course, it’s been a number of years since I’ve opened it up.

You can imagine then how funny it was to come across it yesterday and re-remember all those outlines and snatches of stories I had written way back when. There was actually pieces of one particular story (bridging the gap of years that The Mysterious Minute-Men had not been heard from) that I completed in a totally different mode when I wrote the Ready For The Future novel last year. Some of those old scenes can probably be incorporated into future stories, though, so not all is lost.

I should probably type up all those notes so I’ll have them more readily available in the future. At any rate, seeing them all again reminded me of how much I want to tie up all my RoyalMount stories. All those dangling plot threads from Eldritch Tales, The Savage Knight, The Red Devil, The Nightstalker Chronicles, and others that have been screaming out to be completed and for which I could not find the time. 2006 may just be the year to bring back all those heroes and continue the build to its epic conclusion. November will tell.

In other news, Comicopia #93 was mailed out this weekend. I’m meeting up with Mark Shainblum, Gabriel Morrissette (I hope you’ve all seen his awesome work in Planet of the Apes #2!) and Johane Matte on Friday to give them copies. Something new this time around as Millenium Comics has asked for copies to sell. If it pans out, it sure will help. And, of course, a little less than a year and a half away from hitting our 100th issue. I’m still floored by that 🙂

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