Quick Hits

No time for proper post. Just wanted to send out an update.

I went to visit Francisco in the hospital yesterday. We’re in the third week of his stay there and it’s gotten really hard on everyone now mainly because he was actually doing so good last week that they were beginning to talk about releasing him this past Saturday. He had been disconnected from his feeding tube and was back on solids as of Wednesday. Then, Thursday afternoon he suffered a relapse and fell back to square one. In this case, unfortunately, the recovery has not been as quick. He’s suffering through a few extra ailments due to this relapse and new issues have arisen in his lungs (embolism), kidneys (psuedo-cyst), and intestines. Needless to say he’s back on several tubes and pumped up on morphine. All this is starting to really get to everyone as everybody’s energy levels as taken a big dip. Even his mother broke down as I hugged her good-bye yesterday. I’ll keep you posted but I’ll need your continued good thoughts as payment…

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