Shuster Award Nominees Confirmed!

For all those interested, the Canadian Shuster Awards Nominees are now online at You can also get a glimpse at the special poster drawn by Darwyn Cooke specifically for the event.

I’m scheduled to go pick up the ballots and posters from Quebecor at the end of the week. Afterwards, I’ll be stuffing envelopes (over 350!) which go back to Quebecor who will get it to Diamond so that all Canadian Comic Shops will have them for that second week in March to distribute to their clients.

Online Voting begins March 4th and ends April 7th. Winners will be announced at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon on April 29th @ 7:30pm. It promises to be an even more memorable event than last year! Yes, every year the project grows and gets better and this year is no different! Exciting stuff!

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