The Day The Lights Went Out…

Not much more I can add to today’s blackout from so many online sources as a protest towards SOPA and PIPA but feel free to read Wikipedia’s thank you message:

For my part, I knew of today and understood the concern and could see how even Canada would eventually feel the impact. However, I had no thoughts towards doing anything about the day… until I read one of Dayton Ward’s ( first tweet on that special hashtag #factswithoutwikipedia.

I was quite amused and thus wrote up a couple. And then, slowly, became addicted, and the couple multiplied. Like the bunnies that china built the Great Wall to keep out. Even when I declared a self-imposed “stop” to my tweeting after bringing in some Canadian content,  I found that I could just…not…let…it…go! That time finally happened when Wikipedia came back online and I figured I’d spend the last few hours of my evening doing something else (like maybe reading comics or watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles 🙂 )

However, before I drop the subject completely, I did want to keep the tweets for posterity, here, in my blog. These are just the ones I wrote and none of the re-tweets I did (because there were quite a few jewels in those, too! 🙂 ). Without further a-do, and with the hashtag removed, I bring you my pearls of wisdom (although some will only be understood by those living in The Great White North):

  • BC was initially created as a unit of weight meaning “Before Calories”
  • Tumbleweed are sticky ashes brought together by the breath of medicinal weed users
  • The elbow is the funny bone because it is used to poke others in the ribs (aka ribbing)
  • The Grapefruit is neither a grape, nor a fruit
  • Luke was originally Vader’s daughter Lucille
  • The Secret Service James Bond used to provide Her Majesty was in the bedroom
  • The Moon is not made of cheese, it is made of Yogurt
  • A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away, Barney was the King of Dinosaurs
  • Badminton was initially created by a group of men trying to kill a bee
  • George Stroumboulopoulos (@strombo) is secretly the President of Canada
  • Rick Mercer (@rickmercer) wrote the Canadian Nationial Anthem
  • More Canadians take dog sleds to work than Snowmobiles
  • Every book Stephen King has written is based on a true story
  • Clark Kent is Batman
  • Peter Parker is Superman
  • Ringo Starr is the only Beatle to survive living Under the Sea. All the others drowned.
  • Canadians have no running water, but plenty of Tim Horton’s coffee
  • Petting a cat from tail to head builds enough static to stick them on a wall
  • In an emergency, coffee can be used for blood transfusions.
  • Gone with the Wind is about one woman’s struggle with flatulence.
  • Canada has 13 timezones, one for each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories.
  • Canadians are legally obliged to keep Moose or Beavers as pets.
  • Harry Houdini never died, he was just misplaced.
  • The Godfather is a book/movie about a man finding out that God is his father.
  • Dog is actually spelled C-A-T.
  • PONG was originally created as a counter-measure to LSD.
  • Orville and Wilbur Redenbacher flew the first airplane.
  • Betsy Ross starred on The Golden Girls.
  • Ice Cream is made with ice mined from Icebergs.
  • Smeagol was Frodo Baggins’ uncle, Bilbo, known to friends as Gollum.
  • Old McDonald had a Farm. He grew Pot.
  • Yoda was created when a Muppeteer accidentally dropped Grover in a pickle jar.
  • Natural Spring Water is collected by means of plastic pipes, not metal.
  • You can use Scott Towels to pick up Gas Leaks.
  • The Planet of the Apes is a documentary.


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  1. My favorite is the one about badminton. 🙂

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