Comic Dreams

This weekend, as I was folding the laundry, I was struck by the number of Superhero t-shirts my little boy has. I smiled at the fact that (a) he loves superheroes as much as I did when I was growing up (and to a large extent still do), and (b) he’s lucky enough to actually be able to HAVE such great t-shirts! 🙂

Superman, Lego Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Iron Man, Spider-Man… I folded and folded and just got a kick out of all the designs, thinking back to how simple/ sterile the ones I grew up with looked in comparison.

Everyone knows there’s lots of money in marketing, and such products as these (along with toys, of course) are cash cows for the comic companies. But, I wonder if anyone also knows (or cares, really) that these products also give little boys and girls (and their parents in some cases!) a lot of joy 🙂  Probably not, but that’s okay, too 🙂

I’m just glad I can get to share in this love of superheroes with my kids (or, that they can share in my love of superheroes 🙂 ). It is a lot of fun and sure makes for some great memories 🙂


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