So this week, I’ve been thinking about Remembering – specifically as it pertains to Remembrance Day.

Considering where so many of us here in North America come from, what happened in individual families during World War 2 could be quite different from what we’re remembering “today”.

Growing up as a comic book fan, and especially a fan of the Justice Society of America who spent so many of their early adventures fighting the Axis forces during WW2… that reality is no longer true. Think of the Axis back then, and now think of how those various countries work together in this day and age. We don’t still consider them evil, do we?

It’s not a clear cut case of “The Sins of the Fathers” because, in war, what soldiers must do is what they are told to do. History is written by the victors and all that.

Imagine how crazy it can make me to think that I am an extremely proud Canadian, yet my great grandfather may have fought on the “wrong side” – at least when viewed from the Allies perspective. Am I evil? Are my ancestors?

No. War is evil. And the men in power who cause those wars are evil.

And so, today, we remember those who fought and suffered and lived and died – be they men, women, children, soldiers, or civilians. After all, the MAIN thing we should NEVER forget is this: in War, everybody loses, some more than others.

I remember the fallen, and pray for the day war becomes an obsolete notion never to be repeated…


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