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Took about a week for me to really accept that, yeah, okay, I actually was writing towards this deadline.  Heh.  I guess it happens.

I haven’t done NaNo since 2006, after having done it from 2003. There was a number of reasons for this. I didn’t need to prove anything since, well, I never really had a problem making the word count. Also, there was more than enough going on that I could use the energy elsewhere – so I did :)

But this year, being in the East Bay (where NaNo sprung up in 1999) and being so far from home, it just seemed like the right time. Heck, one of the things I thought I’d be able to do when I moved here for my project was that I would have time in the evenings to actually DO some writing. But, five plus months in, outside of the stuff for Comicopia, I hadn’t made any dent in that list of things to write.

So, NaNo. What the heck. Why not? It’ll get stuff out of my system :) And this time? I’m not rushing against a deadline – I’m leisurely taking the time and trying to put out as close to 2000 words a day as I could. It allows me the opportunity to reach the goal while still having time to just relax and hang out in the evenings :)

That lounging time? Well, it’s spent on little experiments like this blog, or playing iPad/ iPod word games with my wife… who usually kicks my ass on a regular basis :)

And how’s the NaNo going? Pretty well, I would have to say :) In case the image below doesn’t appear, the count is currently at 15,399


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