Blah :(

I have seen entirely too many cats on the side of the roads these last two weeks 🙁

I used to own all manner of pets growing up. Unfortunately, when I moved out and started raising children, I had to accept the fact that there were allergies which were too dangerous to ignore and thus went furry pet-less for many, many years.

Luckily, 6 years ago we were able to get ourselves an adorable Bichon Frise and prove that Melyssa was not allergic to it. A very difficult battle (still available here on LJ) ensued but I managed to win them both (ie; keep seeing her) and they became great friends.

Yesterday, we were talking about how much her allergies have changed over the years to the point that she’s capable of tolerating cats. Now, she had very bad cat allergies which triggered excessive asthma attacks but no longer. Suddenly, I started thinking of how great it would be to hold a little kitty in my hands again… Yes, Chantale is also a little sensitive, but it’s different and possibly even controllable (when you start with a kitten).

I’ve lived too long without a cat to want to get back into raising another one, however. I know I sometimes really need some Furry-Therapy, but I’m not ready to have another pet in the house regardless of how much fun it could be.

Ah well. It’s nice to know that option is possibly *available* again…

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