Dreaming is free…

Last night I got the urge to bring up some old photo albums from the basement. It was fun to go back in time and re-live some of those moments when Chantale and I were first dating and remember the adventures we had as our relationship progressed. Seeing James and Melyssa as toddlers again and realizing how Charlize actually looks like Melyssa did at that age (albeit her being blonde and Melyssa having dark hair), made us both smile and tear up.

When we came upon the first photos we had taken of our house and shortly after we had moved in, we both paused to just let it all sink in. We had gone from a 5 1/2 duplex, to a House. We barely had enough furniture to properly fill it up, and the photos looked so “sparse” with just the basic necessities that we found ourselves laughing it up. What dreamers we were! With the little that we had, and the small salaries we were making, we managed to get and hang onto this great house, and slowly but surely filled it up with items/ furnishings the way we filled it with love.

We turned our House into a Home the way we still live our lives… one Dream at a time.

After knowing each other for over 12 years, being a couple for over 11 years, living together for over 10 years, and being married for 7 years (at the end of this month), it still feels like a dream. Outside of the small inconveniences/ grievances that have arisen in the last year with James, life is still a dream.

Sometimes I’m still taken aback by how deep and strong my feelings are for my wife and family. I know how lucky I am, but at the same time, there is a lot to be said for being courageous enough to Dream and to work to make the Dream a reality. And we are definitely going to continue to keep dreaming…


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