More amusing kid stories

Hey, these kinds of things don’t last very long and they are worth keeping for posterity’s sake! So bear with me 🙂

Story 1: I’ve mentioned before how much the kids love the “Mamma Mia!” movie. Well, this weekend, once again they asked (and re-asked and re-asked) to watch it. So, friday night, saturday, sunday… On Sunday morning, during breakfast, Charlize suddenly asks, “Daddy, what mean dot-dot-dot?” and I burst out laughing 🙂

Story 2: I forgot to mention how during Kindergarten Orientation, Kyle had sat himself down in the library by the bookshelves stocking Space books. I joined him on the floor and we flipped through a number of books on space, spaceships, rockets, satellites, etc. As we got to a section that detailed some of the training astronauts go through, he asked me about it. I explained what was going on and…

“I’m ready now to be an astronaut,” he tells me.

“But sweetie, before you can train your body, you have to train your mind. That’s what school will help you do. After that you can go train your body for space.”

“No, no. I don’t need school. I’m ready now.”

“Why do you want to be an astronaut?”

“So I can go visit the moon, and see Fishy and everyone else there.”

Oh! So, you can see that the whole Death and Heaven thing is on his mind regularly. This leads me to…

Story 3: He does know, however, that he can visit “heaven” in his dreams at night. And so, yesterday morning as I was driving them to Daycare, he suddenly started telling me how he spent the night playing with Kimmie! Random quotes follow:

“I was chasing her, and she was running inside and outside (of Omi’s house)… It was the New Kimmie. The Kimmie of ‘here’ was old, but the Kimmie of ‘there’ is new… Peanut came out to play with us, too, but she was still ‘old’.”

It was fun to hear him explain all the games he played with the dogs and how happy and healthy Kimmie is 🙂

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