Bad Moon on the Rise…

The cough Chantale’s been fighting for the last 2 weeks has finally attacked me. Bleargh. Working on a swift counter-attack so hopefully it won’t last that long!

Kyle, unfortunately, also caught some kind of cold recently and has been coughing for the last 3 days. Tuesday night was the worst and a 3am intervention was required to get him to fall back to sleep (everything we could do to clear his nose and help him breathe better).

Last night, everyone slept really well, except that at 2:15am I heard Kyle crying in his sleep. I immediately jumped out of bed to go see him. I sit on his bed and hold onto to him as he’s writhing on his back, holding onto his right arm.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” I ask him gently but urgently.
“My arm is broke! My arm is broken!” he replies, scared and crying.
“It’s okay, I’m fixing it,” I answer as I slowly rub his right arm. “Okay, it’s okay now. I fixed it, okay?”

He sniffles, hugs his blankie to his face, and turns on his left side, slowly calming down. I kiss him on the forehead and go back to bed. I wonder what he was dreaming.

This morning, as I’m getting him ready for daycare, he asks me if I saw him in his dream last night.

“Did you see me in my dream, Daddy? Did you see me throw that big rock at the black Spiderman with the big teeth?”
“Yes, I did. You were strong,” I answer him.

I guess I became a spectator in his dreams last night 🙂

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