Parenting Pause

My older kids have made “plans” this weekend. So, tonight, instead of driving close to an hour to go pick them up so they can spend the weekend, I have to tell Kyle that his older brother and sister won’t be coming. Again. I already mentioned to him this morning that James wouldn’t be able to come because “he has something to do”. He was disappointed but then perked up thinking that Melyssa would sleep “upstairs in James’ bed!”. I did warn him that it was possible she would also not come and gave him a list of things we’d be doing tomorrow regardless. It made him very happy to know I’d let him help with the painting downstairs, “with the roller, okay, daddy! I’m a big boy now I can help you!” 🙂

I know with James being 3-months-short of 15 and Melyssa being 12, Chantale and I expected them to want to hang with their friends more and more – regardless of how little they see us now. And, in fact, we’d prepared for this already – especially with summer in swing. But still… it doesn’t mean it’s not disappointing – especially to Kyle who’s still small enough to adore them and want them around all the time.

But, such is life. And I’ve long given up living in regret for what and how one wishes it can be. Instead, as I choose to always focus on the NOW of what is. In the end, Moments are all that matter and count – not regrets. So, when next I see them, we’ll enjoy our time together. For now – and this weekend – I’ll enjoy watching movies, playing, painting, and gardening with my little ones. And probably throw in a visit to Nonna and Nonno as well to put a smile on their faces! 🙂

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