Baby Girl Fantastic!

Today’s checkup for Charlize went better than we could have imagined!

We got to our appointment on time at 830am and got out by 11am. In between, our little girl was weighed, measured, blood pressure checked, and then off to electrocardiogram and echocardiogram tests which she seemed to have passed with flying colors! 🙂

She (and her heart!) is doing so good that the doc’s have re-confirmed their quote of last year that they have no concern in regards to her health. It really helps that she did not have to lose her valve during the operation (she’s one of the lucky few). After a round of questions, the doc smiled and said, “see you in two years”! TWO years! Not next year, TWO!

*insert massive happy dance here*

🙂 Relieved? Oh god you have no idea! What a wonderful birthday present for her (and us)! 🙂

Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic news!!! 🙂

*wipes away tears*

(I think one of the hardest things about this day was seeing 2 other little babies (4 days and I think 1 week old) there to go through their preliminary tests… and then seeing one of those new families sitting in with one of the cardiologists who was obviously breaking the news to them… Flashback to 2 years ago and the shattering effect it had on us… But as I told Chantale – if they looked at us and this little blonde bundle who did NOT stay still the entire time we were waiting for the tests – as she skipped and walked up and down the hallway for over 20 minutes – we could have perhaps given them strength and confidence that it could very well work out for them, too….)

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