Ready for the Future: Back Cover View

I’ve been waiting to share this with everyone as I wanted to hold the actual book in her hands first. This was, after all, somewhat a suprise for her 🙂

The same as she did for The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus, Theresa provided a piece of artwork that I included in the book. When it came time to gather material for The Mysterious Minute-Men: Ready for the Future I once again contacted her for a pin-up.

Well, I loved the image SO much that not only did I have to include it in the book, I wanted it on the Back Cover so folks can see it in all its glory! When I handed the image over to Von Allan (), he lifted the images out, added some great color highlights and shading, and the end result was this:

Isn’t that a beauty? Wonderful, wonderful work once more, Theresa and Von!

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet… what are you waiting for? 🙂

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