Boy, do I feel like I’ve just been “screwed with my pants on” to extend a quote I recently read…

I went to get the covers printed up for Comicopia 102 only to find that the shop I’ve been using for years… has a new owner. Yup, you can see this coming a mile away, hm?

Needless to say, my “contact” there did not get a chance to come talk to me as she jumped out of her office to introduce herself. She took my order, impressed that I knew exactly what I wanted including the type of stock used, and handed it to my contact. Thus, the work got done the way I’m used to, but I also knew I was not going to get my regular discount.

Her first bill was $8 more than usual. I thought, “okay, no problem”. However, once the job was completed, she realized she made a mistake! Suddenly, the price becomes over 325% greater than what I’ve been spending and have been allocating!!


On one hand, it goes to show just how much the previous owner had to and could have been losing (he retired, so I don’t think he really cared). On the other hand… I have to start investigating other shops…

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