I got my Notice of Paternity Leave yesterday. I was approved. Yay. However… when I saw the amount I will be “getting” I was somewhat perplexed. I know what 70% of my salary was supposed to give me (we calculated it months before the application). I was expecting to get about $200 less per pay. Definitely not the case.

No problem, something must have gone wrong. So, I called them this morning. Yup, something is wrong all right. The same way things are wrong every year when I fill out my taxes, or when I meet my lawyers to discuss my child support payments. I make too much money. I don’t take it HOME, though, because 65% of it goes to the Government for taxes and around 25% of the rest goes to Child Support. But, still, none of that ever counts. According to what my salary is, I make too much money. So, they used the maximum for my calculation of benefits.


Thus, instead of getting about $200 less per pay, I’ll be getting… $700 less per pay.

The only saving grace I have this month is that my C.S. account actually has too much buffer (they only need an extra month’s buffer) and they’ll be refunding me some money.

So, in the end, everything balances it out somewhat. Except I was really looking forward to putting some money towards the credit card before it explodes…

I just wish they would let people know of these “fine print” notices that don’t appear anywhere… bah. Regardless, it’s still SO worth it being home with my family for three whole weeks. It’s an experience I feel extremely lucky to be able to take advantage of. 🙂

(which, by the way, pretty much explains why I haven’t been around here much 😉 )

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