Book Wisdom

You know how sometimes you read a piece from a book and it immediately hits home either because of the truth behind it, or simply because it just says something in a way you’d been trying to express with such clarity?

Here are two examples:

1- From “Amelia Rules! Vol. 1” – there’s a scene where Amelia’s aunt is telling her: “Just because you come from a broken family doesn’t mean you have to be broken”.

Clear, concise, simple, don’t you think? A great series!

2- Scott McCloud in Making Comics (pg. 65, regarding designing characters): “These life histories – or ‘Backstories’ – don’t have to be too elaborate, especially for minor characters. In fact, obsessing TOO much over such details is a classic beginner’s mistake!”

In other words, when you’re spending time “creating” the universe that envelopes your stories or characters, don’t waste time on things you’re not going to use. Stick to what you NEED in order to tell your STORY. The rest of the ‘fluff’ is just that – fluff. Not important. Doing all that really doesn’t make you look clever.

Something to think about.

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