I just watched Duran Duran’s performance in London for Live Earth. I couldn’t stop giggling. The first time I saw them live was back in 1983/4. They were one of those “New Wave” bands I liked but I only went to the concert because of a girl… 🙂 Ain’t it always the case? 🙂 Livia Tortella was her name and she was basically my best friend in Secondary 4/5. She was even more into music than I was! After college, she started working for Polygram, eventually moving to Toronto when they changed their HQ from Montreal to T.O., and got to work with quite a number of bands and singers we used to listen to back in High School. Last I heard from her she moved to New York and I haven’t heard from her since.

I remember telling her -years after the fact- that the main reason I had gone to DD was to make her happy, and getting smacked for that 🙂 LOL. It was fun living vicariously through her work (especially when she told me of the time she got to work with Henry Rollins!). Sometimes, she’d also send me some gift items that I would really appreciate (like limited edition prints, etc, of the bands she worked with) and that I still have.

So, today, on Live Earth day, I raise a hand and wave hello to a dear friend of mine from oh so long ago. Take care, UK Liv! The Savage One still thinks fondly of the only High School friend he ever hoped to keep in touch with over the years! 🙂

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