Doing too much

I knew this week was going to be somewhat “killer” in the sense that I had some very real deadlines to do a slew of things to prepare for this coming weekend. With the home renovations time getting shorter and more critical, to Comicopia’s 100th Issue this week, my time was/ is severely limited.

Last Saturday/ Sunday, Chantale’s dad and I finished installing the hanging ceilings in Melyssa’s new room (hence shall it be referred to). It looks *really* good. I had finished all the walls and painting but after requiring the closing off of the fuse box, there was some more plastering to be done. So, the plan was: Monday night plaster up the joints, Tuesday apply second/ finishing coat of plaster, Wednesday 1st coat of primer and sweep/ vacuum the floor, Thursday first coat of finishing paint, Friday last coat of finishing paint and wash the floor. I’m happy to say that this schedule was kept and thus tonight will finish the prep work because tomorrow, we lay down the floating floor!

So, technically, after this weekend, we’ll have a room we can begin ‘modeling’ and moving furniture into. All that will be left will be the closet doors, the baseboards, the door framing. Minor. We can actually concentrate on emptying Melyssa’s old room and prepping it for painting and modeling for the Baby! It feels really satisfying to get to this point. After that’s done, I will also continue with the basement to finish off the other walls we had put up for the “hallway” as well as possibly the ceiling. Then, it’s the stairwell.

Keep in mind that all this week, the only time open to me was from after Kyle went to bed (technically around 7:30pm to 8pm). After the basement work, I would hit the computer to continue prepping the Comicopia issue. I brought the majority of the copy work in on Wednesday and picked it up on Thursday along with a few other sections. Been a while since a single copy visit was close to $150. This afternoon, I’m heading back to bring in the final documents, meeting up with Gabriel to get the final FINAL covers, and getting those printed up as well. On the way home, pick up a slew of GWEs (Great White Envelopes) and then start binding this evening and hopefully getting the mailing ready. The plan is to get the envelopes in the mail tomorrow afternoon for Monday morning send off (there’s no mail service on the weekends although I can drop off packages on Saturdays).

Maybe next week I can have an hour or two to continue some translation work (I finally got my last invoice paid early this week so I actually HAVE some money to pay for the mailing).

Needless to say, I’ve been going to bed by midnight and still getting up at around 6am for more “intensive” days. Needless to say, I’ve been quite tired and a little cranky (sorry, sweetie!). Needless to say, things should be much better come Saturday night.

Seriously, though, folks. One. Hundred. Issues. Bi-Monthly for almost 17 years. I’ve been involved in running it for 16 years and actively running it for 15 years. It’s one hell of an accomplishment! Do they give awards for that?? LOL!

There will be some nice surprises with this issue… not the least is the fact that we’ve surpassed 200 pages where we’ve been at around 150 for the last year or so 🙂

You should technically be getting a glimpse of the cover by mid next week… or later 🙂

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