Shustering Schools

I’ve had some news recently regarding the Joe Shuster Awards and schools that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while.

As I wrote a while back, I had some concerns recently regarding the level of “comic book” acceptance/ knowledge/ etc from kids in schools and wondered if there was something that can be done about it. After all, we’re basically at the point where Comics need to reach an audience of kids who’s parents probably were never into comics when they were younger, either! And what seems to be the biggest “grab” of attention comes from video games and manga.

Anyhow, I had given copies of the Joe Shuster Awards posters and postcards to both my son James and daughter Melyssa to distribute. James gave some away but his “duty” was to bring a poster and postcards to the librarian at his school for display and handing out. (Thanks again, Lu!)

Melyssa, on her own volition took her poster and postcards to her homeroom teacher who had it plastified and hung on the wall! And then, during one of their computer labs, the teacher had them log onto the site and vote! What a great incentive! 🙂

This basically touched upon 12-year olds (James) and 10-year olds (Melyssa). Today, I was told that the son of a co-worker whom I gave a package to took his poster and postcards to HIS high school and gave them out at the comic-book club. So, we got some exposure to 16-year olds, too!

I like how this small idea panned out and the reactions to it. Gives me a few more thoughts in regards to further expansion upon that for next year, too…

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