Short Update


Spoke with my mom last night who told me the funeral was this morning. She made arrangements with my brother to drive her and my dad to it while I made arrangements to meet up with them. Don’t bother trying to find an obit online, it just ain’t there.

My sister is still stuck in Bangladesh with her husband. I don’t remember if I posted about this but it’s been a month now since they had to rush out and they did get there in time for him to say good-bye to his father who passed away about a week later. However, with the situation over there, not only is she probably not going to be able to get on the first flight out SINCE they got there (jan 22nd) but the last time my folks spoke with her last week she mentioned having been locked in the house for 3 days due to the military activity.

I spoke with James this morning who confirmed he’s not on crutches and that he was in a lot of pain once the Local wore off last night. He sounded tired and although he’s still in pain, he’s going to tough it out and try not to take any pain medication unless he really needs it. He’s hoping to get back to school on Thursday and will be spending today doing the homework he was given on Friday. I forgot to ask when he’s allowed to take the bandages off his leg, though. Will check in with him later.

Feels like a really busy week…

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