Chocolate Reward!

I got chocolate in the internal mail today!

Last week, I helped someone out by doing something I’m not responsible for doing any longer (generating a specific report) and which was supposed to have been available from a different department. I was thanked profusely for helping, which I’ve done for the last three months (these reports really were supposed to have been coming from a different system starting then). When asked how I could be repaid, I stated that chocolate would work, Caramilk specifically.

Today, I got two bars. One regular, and one Caramilk Dark! Can I tell you that in the seven years I’ve been working here, this is the FIRST time someone has come through? I’ve often helped folks out of jams – most even bigger than this one! – and when asked for means of thanking me, I have responded with a request for chocolate. It took 7 years to come across someone who actually had the integrity and honesty to stick by their word.

I will eat my chocolate with great satisfaction 🙂 This has definitely made my work week 🙂

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