Well, I had “stuff” to say, but now I’ve suddenly gone a little mind-blank… I guess I’ll stick to 3 comic related items.

1- My 100 reviews in 100 days is coming to a close over in my off_the_rack quick-review blog. How sweet is it that #100 falls on my last day of work before Xmas vacation (friday!)? I could not have planned it better. Long live serendipity and synchronicity! šŸ™‚

2- Comicopia deadline for issue 98 is WEDNESDAY. This means, of course, lots of running around – collecting zines, printing them up, getting the covers done, etc etc. I’m thinking of changing the deadlines around a bit so I don’t have to keep doing this the week before xmas every year!! šŸ™‚

3- The Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Awards has picked up gear as I’m in the process of contacting/ confirming the Members of the Nominating Panel for 2006. Two have been definitely confirmed (one from Ontario, one from Quebec) and I’m waiting to hear back from the others. In the meantime, I’ve also contacted a couple of publishers for sample review copies that can be mailed out to the Members for consideration of their 2006 work. The Hall of Fame illustration is also being worked on and I’m looking forward to the collaborative end result!

All in all, plenty to keep me busy for a while. Of course, the most important deadline I have in the coming weeks is the finishing up of the Translation/ Edits of one of my client’s books (as I’ve mentioned before, there’s potentially 4 other books awaiting translation). It’s actually a lot harder going than I expected. After all, it’s not “pure” French, it’s “Quebec” French which also includes slang…

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