One of those days…

Okay. This day can end, really.

Started it with a report that confirmed certain observations I have had about disengagement which will cause extra work in the coming months.

Then, made a phone call that confirmed a certain something I wanted could not be filled by me.

Then, I spoke with my mom who was in a panic over my sister. Her father-in-law is on his death bed and she and her husband are rushing around town today to get all they need to fly off to Bangladesh and hopefully see him before he passes. Mom didn’t know about Melyssa so when I told her she did the usual Italian cursing.

Melyssa called to tell me they had moved her room and that she was being released today at 4pm. She really wanted me to go see her but I had something I couldn’t change and told her I would try to do so later. Thus, at 2pm I managed to get a friend of mine to drop me off at the hospital. It was going to be a nice visit and I had even brought along the little monkey stuffie she was supposed to get as a gift at the party on Sunday. I got there at 2:30pm to find that… she had been released at 2pm.

I make my way back to work and call the house – not there yet – call the cell – she’s at the pharmacy getting a prescription filled. She’s going to have to go to an Asthma clinic to get checked out and on top of that, on Monday (the 18th – ironically the same day James is supposed to be operated -to be confirmed tomorrow) she has to go get tested for cystic fibrosis. I guess her lungs really took a beating in this latest attack. I’ll know more when they get home and her mother can call me back.

Seriously, I’m quite fed up of this year. I’m ready for it to end now.

I apologize for my moaning, I just needed to get it off my chest and post it for posterity.

Edited to add: I got off the phone and it looks like another possible battle will begin regarding our having Casey. Melyssa was bawling on the phone telling me she doesn’t want Casey to go but that the doctors said she has to. I told her that Casey has been with us for 3 years and she’s part of the family. She’s not to blame and isn’t going anywhere. I spoke with her mother and she’s a bit “huffed” at not knowing what to do but that comes from having spent the last 2 years trying to figure out how to treat Melyssa. For example, when she was taking Singular daily, she was doing well. So well that in May of last year, the Doc said to change the dosage to every other day in an effort to possibly take her off it. Doofus. Singular is a 24-hour pill. What good is going 48 hours on it? Idiot. Anyhow, we’re supposed to go to the Asthma Clinic to discuss “options” because it seems that after all these years of having a child with asthma, having a wife with asthma, having a sister-in-law with asthma, having friends with asthma, that I don’t know what it means. Yeah, right.

The test for cystic fibrosis is something that is asked for all patients who suffered as severely as Melyssa did this weekend. It’s scheduled for Monday at 11am. And as for James… well, you guessed it. Moved. January 15, 2007. This time, however, we have a time (7:00am) as well as instructions on what to bring and what to do (for example, fasting for 12 hours). This is a little closer to reality, then.

I’m tempted to say “stick a fork in me, I’m done” but considering the day…

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