Okay, this is a private post. It will be made public in a few months but right now I wanted to capture something on the day it happened. Namely, Friday October 20, 2006.

Chantale came to pick me up from work. She was home that day with her contract at Pratt & Whitney Canada supposedly on hold as of the day before (Thursday) and with Kyle’s Guardian (Miriam) needing the friday off for family matters.

Anyhow, it was a really rainy day with the rain getting so thick that by the time she picked me up, it had turned into slush/snow! Kyle was sleeping in his car seat and as we made our way down Stanley to Maisonneuve, down de la Montagne to St. Antoine and finally onto the 720 west, we talked about the day and how Kyle had been, etc. I was in the passenger seat and had taken the mail out of the side of the door to put in the back. I had noticed a small box there but thought it was a box of Reactine as I knew Chantale had run out and needed to get some. After a bit, she asked casually if I had seen the box. I look again and see that it’s not Reactine but a Pregnancy Test! I open it and grab the stick, see the double lines and then look to the box to check the legend… PREGNANT! 🙂 Wow!

We laughed, we cried, we squeezed hands and babbled about everything! The traffic was really rotten and when Chantale finally realized she could get off the 720 to switch to the 20 via St. Jacques, she made her way there. St. Jacques, of course, was also quite packed and it took us forever just to drive a couple of blocks. I realized where we were and asked if she wanted to go to Picasso’s!

Sure enough, Kyle had his first Smoked Meat and French Fries supper at a Picasso’s GT that night! The three (point five) of us had a great time and Chantale and I were able to fully relax and talk more about what having another baby would be like! 🙂

And that was how we found out another little baby would grace our lives in a few short months! 🙂 I was (and still am!) SO happy! I love my family SO much and it just feels SO great to expand it like this! 🙂 A wonderful, wonderful, bit of news! 🙂 That night, I hardly slept! I basically spent the night in bed just thinking about everything and was so pumped up on adrenaline that I had no problems getting through the Saturday, either! 🙂

Another amazing adventure begins!! 🙂

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