James Update

Finally a bit more action on this side. After getting nowhere in terms of results or news on his health last week, I told his mother to get him to the emergency room. She decided to do that on Saturday afternoon (my weekend) and asked me to take him. Sorry, couldn’t. That’s not how things are planned. So, Melyssa stayed with us this weekend and James went to the hospital for the typical extra-long stay. 7 hours, more blood tests and xrays later, he’s given an appointment for this morning at 8:30am and told to keep all weight off his leg as it could “break at any moment”. Hmm. So, he gets crutches for the weekend.

This morning at around 11:30am, he called me to let me know that he had an MRI done and they confirmed that he has a Benign Tumor growing, forcing against his bone. Thus, they have to call another hospital to schedule a day surgery which includes putting him under for the removal of the tumor. They couldn’t explain the procedure but it has something to do with freezing it and scraping it off. In the meantime, he can keep taking Aspirin for the pain. I just hope – after 3 months already – that it won’t take much longer to schedule the surgery…

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