Kyle – for Posterity

There have been a number of small Kyle moments over the last little while that I haven’t really talked about and realized that I at least wanted to list them here so that the memories will always be available πŸ™‚

– Chantale had given him one of my old serial-bus mice and keyboard from an old pc to play with. He loves smacking away on those keys and gets a big kick out of his mouse. Of course, the fact that some times he’ll grab the serial end of the mouse and basically take the mouse for a walk around the basement is priceless πŸ™‚

– He chatters constantly! Seriously! Always babbling away, pointing at stuff and holding little discussions (you can tell by how he varies his sounds, rising and falling when questioning or simply stating). Absolutely precious πŸ™‚

– Whenever he sees Chantale and I kiss, he holds his fingers to his mouth and giggles. It’s really quite adorable and is especially cute when we grab him up into a three-way hug πŸ™‚

– He plays with Casey really well. He’ll see her bone or ball on the ground, bend down to pick it up, and then take it to her. Funny! Especially when they get in a tug-of-war over one of Casey’s frayed ropes! πŸ™‚

– He dances and loves music! Wherever he hears it (whether he’s turning on James’ radio or switching on our stereo system and starting the CDs or turning on the television) he claps his hands and dances by moving up and down and jiggling. You just want to scoop him up and hug and kiss him! πŸ™‚

*Happy Sigh*

God I love being a Father…

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